Become a Certified Business Advisor

The Institute runs and endorses training and certification courses designed for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Independent Consultants who are looking to establish, scale and grow their consulting practice

“The course expanded my knowledge of the balanced scorecard approach to planning and the expertise in the subject matter added a lot of value. The course provided a methodology & system for delivering advisory services.”

Linda Hamilton, CPA, CGMA

Certified Business Advisor (CBA) Course

Course Outline:

The Certified Business Advisor Course will help you use ‘best practice’ methodology and market-leading technology to build a profitable practice and create recurring revenue. You will be taken through the fundamentals in a mixture of online and face-to-face sessions to help you easily win new clients and avoid the #1 mistake advisors make. You will learn how to sell on value and how to charge, as well as how to develop a referral base and generate recurring revenue. These courses have been based on over 25 years of industry experience and has been developed into a proven step-by -step methodology which anyone can follow!

Who is this course designed for?

Business Consultants and Advisors

Accountants, Bookkeepers & Planners

Ex-Executives, Business Owners & Managers

Independent Business Coaches

Meet Your Academic Panel & Hear Some of The Great Content

Peter Christman – The Difference Between a Good vs Poor Advisor

Phil Roberts – The Importance of Presentation and Dressing Appropriately

Dale Coutts – Thinking Outside the Box to Generate New Leads

Fred Fardeau – The Importance of Regularly Client Review Meetings

Joe Woodard – The Importance of Developing a Strategic Plan

David Blair – Generating Long-Term Value For Your Client-Base

Jaimie Blackman – How to Build a Successful Advisory Practice

Steve Beatty – Advice on Using a Board of Advisors to Gain Credibility

Fred Fardeau – Tips and Tricks on How to Build & Grow Your Practice

Course Curriculum

Key Deliverables

About The Course

Course Outcomes

A Message from the Instructor

Join a Local Chapter

How to Use this Learning Platform

Advice on Enrollment

Professional Standards for Business Advisors

Before we Begin…


Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: Confidence

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Reminding Clients

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Benefits of the Institute

Academic Panel – Fred Fardeau: Why Advisory is Great

Academic Panel – David Blair: How to be a Good Advisor

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: Institute of Advisors

Module Overview- Role of a Business Advisor

What Makes a Good Advisor

Role of an Advisor

Think of Yourself as a GP

How to be a Great Advisor

Questions a Sports Coach Asks

MAUS Iceberg Business Goals

Strategy, Execution and Accountability

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Good vs Bad Advisor

Asking Personal Questions – Peter Christman Interview

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Tips for Advisors

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Is it Just about Problem Solving?

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Business Advisors Focus

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: The Role of an Advisor

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Is Empathy Important?

Module Overview- Developing a Business Model

Business Model Basics

Simple Business Models

Sample Charge Rates

Advisory Business Models

Start Developing a Model

Face to Face or Online Coaching

Why Would a Client Buy Your Services?

Build Resources Around Your Programs

Getting Ready

Determine the Why of Your Practice

It’s Not Always about the Money

Business Broker Sample Models

Examine the Readiness Constraints

Sample Roadmaps

Business Model Evolution

Sample Business Model Objectives

Leveraging Your Practice

How to Improve Practice Profitability

Barriers To Success

Sample Charge Rates and Modelling

Technology and What Will Hold You Back

Sample Marketing & Building Blocks – Peter Christman

Assessment Task

Peter Christman Tips

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Specialisation is the 1st Key Building Block

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Standardisation is the 2nd Key Building Block

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Automation is the 3rd Key Building Block

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: Sample Client Success Stories

Academic Panel -Fred Fardeau-Example of business models

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: What is Dale Charging?

Academic Panel – David Blair – Building a Good Business Model

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: How To Build a Successful Practice

Module Overview-Client Discovery

Entire Lesson Plan

Sell Yourself, Not a Product

Building Trust

Look for Hot Buttons

Great Client Phrases

Confidence and Experience

Mapping Out the Client Discovery

Sample Client Discovery Template

Discussion and Advice Conducting

What’s Holding the Business Back?

Business Priorities

High Performance Business Quiz

Client Needs Analysis Software

Assessment Quiz

Conduct Client Discovery Meeting

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: How to Appropriately Give Feedback

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: Discussion with Clients

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Phrases

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: How to Build Rapport

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Be Genuine and Passionate

Module Overview- Strategic Planning

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Strategic Plan Benefit

Well Thought Through Business Plan

Introduction of the Business Plan

Business Planning Process

One Page Strategy

The Analysis – Customer Analysis

The Analysis – Competitor

Customer Needs

Sales Performance

SWOT Analysis

Strategic Direction

People Alignment & Culture

Goals with the Biggest Impact

Accountability is the Key to Success

Practical Tips

Sample Business Plan

Assessment Task

Sample Strategic Plan Client Template

Prepare a Business Plan for a Client

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Planning is about Efficiency

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: You Must Invest in a Plan

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Strategic Metrics

Module Overview- Client Review Meetings


Case Study on KPI’s

Lessons from the Case Study

Strategies Linked to KPI’s

Developing a Business Scorecard

Reviewing Strategies and Actions in the Scorecard

Monthly or Quarterly Review Meeting

Entire Lesson Plan

Assessment Quiz

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Sport and Delegation Story

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: What Does Dale Do?

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Monthly Review Meeting

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: Establishing Key Performance Indicators

Academic Panel – Joe Woodard: Why Have Accountability Meetings?

Module Overview- Marketing Your Practice

Developing Marketing Advisory Material

External & Internal Analysis

7 Keys To Winning New Clients


Business Model – The How

Tips For First Starting

Academic Panel -Fred Fardeau-Marketing

Prospect Engagement – Client Discovery

Methodologies & Programs Add Credibility

Networking & Positioning

Pete’s Example – Case Study

Partner with Other Advisors

Spicing up the Marketing

Selling Yourself Tips

High Performance Business Score – Quiz

Web Banners

7 Step – Business Success Program

How Do We Get Leads To Come To You

Position Your Practice

The Marketing System – Build Relationship

Elevator Pitch

How Do People Choose Business Advisors

What Must You Have

What Unsuccessful Advisors Do

What Successful Advisors Do

Performance Expectations

What Will Hold You Back

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Building a Business for an Advisor

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Transition from First Starting to Now

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: Referrals

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: How do you Win New Clients?

Academic Panel – Phil Roberts: Ideal Target

Academic Panel – Dale Coutts: What Works?

Congrats, Here is What’s Next

More Resources for You

Before You Go…

Business Planning Assignment

Phil Roberts – Why Become a Chapter Leader?

  • 6-12 month online educational course
  • One day face to face workshop
  • Optional software with monthly software training and mentoring
Practical Tools & Resources
  • Forms, questionnaires and templates to use in your practice
  • Access to the Institute of Advisors Resource Centre
  • Supporting MAUS Client Needs Analysis Software throughout duration of course
  • Supporting MAUS MasterPlan Lean Software throughout duration of course
  • Discounts on other partner software for ongoing use
Logo, Certification & Credibility
  • 12 month membership to the Institute of Advisors
  • Use of the CBA Certified Business Advisor logo whilst membership is active
  • Certificate of completion
  • Listing on Institute Member Directory
  • Access to the local chapter meetings and webinar
  • What our Graduates say

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    Lori Parkins
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